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Like a sentry the ruins of a 13th Century castle built by Sancho II protectively overlooks the once small fishing village.


This fishing village lies duly south of Lisbon and is accessed off the motorway leading to Setúbal. Surprisingly, visitors will still it a fishing village at heart even though it has been considerably enlarged due to the great influx of tourists created since the late 60’s by the construction of the impressive bridge over the Rio Tejo connecting Lisbon to its southern riverbank.

The village lies nestled in the hollow of a small valley facing south and the sea and also protected from the northern winds by its surrounding hills. It became a notable location the middle 1950s when this village attracting the world famous enthusiasts of deep-sea fishing. The Tuna and Swordfish has now become more rare as a catch but they can still often be served as a specialty dish of the area. Small narrow steep streets lead down to its sandy beach guarded by its 17th Century Fort.

Every morning, weather and sea permitting, the local catch would be laid on the sand in rows for the public auction. This daily fresh fish has given the local restaurants a solid reputation that draws crowds from Lisbon at most weekends. The village still has many families relying on the fishing industry. Their involvement with the sea is reflected by their faithful attendance of the number of small churches to be found in the village.

SesimbraNearby Locations

A few kilometers away to the west is the dramatic cliff top of Cabo Espichel. On this headland can be found the Santuário de Nossa Senhora do Cabo that was constructed at the turn of the 17th Century as a sanctuary and in more recent times has often been used as a location for filming due to its singular architectural design.

To the east is Serra da Arrábida, a virtually unspoilt nature reserve area with its small sandy beach and shallow water. In the late 1960’s this beautiful location could be compared with any outstanding "beauty spot" in Europe for its setting and unique tranquillity.

SesimbraEvents and Useful Town Facts

Festival da Senhor de Jesus das Chagas 2nd to 3rd May
Town Holiday 4th May
Festival dos Santos Populars 23rd to 30th June
Festa de Santiago 25th July
Festival da Nossa Senhora do Cabo September
Festival do Mar September
Festival da Nossa Senhora da Luz September

Postal Code 2970
Inhabitants 7.300

SesimbraTelephone Numbers

Town Hall 212 288 500
Fire Brigade 212 288 450
Police 212 230 269
Emergency Treatment 212 233 104
Tourist Office 212 235 743
SOS 112
Support to Tourists 800 296 296

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