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Graciosa IslandIntroduction

This island lying to the north of the group is only 12.5 kilometres long and 8.5 kilometres wide with about 5.000 inhabitants.

Members of these tranquil farming families tend to temporarily emigrate to the Americas to generate funds for remitting back to their island homes.

The main town, Santa Cruz da Graciosa, consists of mainly stark simple cottage whitewashed houses. One marked feature of the local architecture is the Dutch style windmills that dot the island.

The famous French writer and diplomat Chateaubriand spent some time living in the Convento de Santa Cruz which is referred to one of his works, "Memories Beyond the Tomb".

The island's main attraction is the Furna do Enxofre where the visitor descends steps into the depths of a volcanic crater. A cave at the bottom provides through peephole views of a grey bubbling mass beneath the rocks. Above this cave a tunnel leads to the edge of the crater and also provides panoramic views of the island.

Regular flights connect this island with Ilha Terceira and boats make the trip several times a week to both Ilha Terceira and Ilha de São Jorge.

Graciosa IslandTelephone Numbers

Fire Brigade 295 712 215
Police 295 712 527
Emergency Treatment 295 732 470
Tourist Office 295 712 509

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