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Located at the most northern point of the group of Azores Islands the small Ilha do Corvo is to the north of its nearest island Ilha das Flores. It is 6.5 kilometres long and 4 wide with a very small population today of only about 400 people.

Like its neighbour, this island only began to be inhabited by Portuguese in the 16th Century. However, there is a story that some coins belonging to the Phoenician period were recently discovered on the island.

One principle reason for the lack of population is that the only harbour is very small and difficult to enter in bad weather. This island has been often termed as a "windswept hill".

In 1984 a small airport was then constructed but use of this is again subject to the weather. The local men are noted for their good working qualities and particularly for their bravery. The American whaler ships in the 19th and 20th Century often sought their crew members from this small island.

Access to this island is difficult and can only be made by flight but it does have a summer daily boat connection with the nearby Ilha do Flores, weather permitting.

Corvo IslandEvents

Festa do Fio May & September

Corvo IslandTelephone Numbers

Fire Brigade 292 596 218
Police 292 596 261

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